Exclusive Backstage Pass Benefits

At a time when untold multitudes are searching for answers to our current healthcare crisis, we have a truly unique opportunity to reach them with biblical solutions.  That's what 'WAIT TILL IT'S FREE!' will do, in a way no other film has tried to do. 

Introducing... The 'Wait Till It's Free!' Backstage Pass  

Backstage Pass members will have the unique privilege of making all this happen!  Filmmaking is an expensive undertaking - we have to hire professional crew members, buy or rent equipment, and travel across the country to create this film, and your purchase of a Backstage Pass brings us one step closer to reaching our fundraising needs!   

Did you know?  We couldn't have made 'IndoctriNation' without the support of Backstage Pass members.  Now you can play a crucial role in our latest project!  The money we receive goes directly into the production of the film.

We wanted to give something back to people who enable us to complete the film, so we put together this Backstage Pass deal to give you some really cool and exclusive benefits, like DVDs, an online premiere, a live chat with the director, and much more!  

Your Backstage Pass Benefits:  

  1. Two signed copies of the 'Wait Till It's Free!' DVD once it's released.  Be among the first receive it in early 2014!
  2. 'IndoctriNation' - a DVD copy of the award-winning movie, co-directed by Colin Gunn.  
  3. 'Captivated' - a DVD copy of another award-winning movie, co-directed by Colin Gunn.
  4. Hours of exclusive footage of all the interviews recorded for the film.
  5. Exclusive interviews that won't be in the film.
  6. Online movie premiere! We'll have an exclusive premiere just for Backstage Pass members.   There will also be a webinar and live chat with the director - you'll get to ask your questions and learn all about the making of the film!  
  7. A warm fuzzy feeling along with the knowledge that you helped make this film possible.  [Note: Actual results and side-effects may vary. If you are taking any medications, please consult your doctor.]

Sample Backstage Pass interview clip
View more clips at http://www.wtifree.com/backstage.html    

We know that you will be happy with the Backstage Pass and we would be honored to have your support.    Click here to learn more about
The Backstage Pass 

Colin Gunn