"Operation Coffee Cup"  - Action Pack

In 1961, an actor named Ronald Reagan made a record titled “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine.” There he articulated a commitment to free enterprise and exhorted his listeners to write to their congressman, making it known that they did not want governments controlling businesses and industries. 

Since that recording was made, America has witnessed a gradual unfolding and fulfillment of Reagan’s reluctant prophesies. It appears we have failed to heed well enough his warnings.

So what can we do?

To encourage activism and the spreading of this important message, and in the spirit of the famous "Coffee Cup" campaign, we have put together an Activist Pack that includes all of our excellent material along with exclusive access to our Backstage Pass area.

Your Pack includes:

1 - One signed copy of the "Wait Till It's Free" DVD for you to keep!

2 - One fully wrapped copy of the "Wait Till It's Free" DVD for you to share with someone else!

3 - "IndoctriNation" – a DVD copy of the award-winning movie, co-directed by Colin Gunn!

4 - Coffee Cup (A good quality diner style coffee mug with the Wait Till It's Free logo on the side) – our symbol of the fight against socialized medicine!

5 - T- Shirt – (choose the size on checkout, (S,M,L,XL)

6 - Access to our Backstage pass - All of our exclusive interviews including those not shown in the film and behind the scenes footage. 

7 - Car Decal – This is a great way to spread the message to others!

We will have this pack available for a limited time, with limited stock, so we encourage you to become an activist for Healthcare liberty and get the Kit now. We have also reduced the price of everything in the Kit as much as we can. Here's a video of me putting one of the packs together:

Over $100 dollars of value all for just $54.95 (+S&H)


Many thanks! 

Colin Gunn