"'Wait Till It's Free' is very much worth your time...I can't emphasize enough how valuable this [film] is..." 

Tom Woods, Author, Historian (Interview)

"The whole thing, the fit and finish, the interviews, the progression through each topic was masterfully done... Totally, totally incredible." 

Medical Student

"Filmmaker Colin Gunn has done it again!   Wait Till It's Free  needs to be shown in every church and school in America. Convincing, courageous, and witty.....WTIF is a riveting, unflinching look at what's really going on in American healthcare. " 

Curtis Bowers, Agenda Movie

"Phenomenally well made and thought provoking, with expert testimonies and a healthy dose of humor, Wait Till It’s Free is the perfect prescription to Michael Moore’s Sicko and our nation’s healthcare system as a whole." 

Christian Gomez , The New American Magazine (Full Review)

"Colin Gunn has done it again. His excellent research, backed by terrific subject matter experts and the perfect amount of humor, allow him to address the crucial issues of our day in a manner unlike any other documentary film maker. Thank you Mr. Gunn. Keep 'em coming."

Jason Overstreet, Washington State House Representative

"The documentary is an eye-opening gift to the American public... Gunn's documentary should inspire We the People to turn from the destructive road on which we are traveling before it is too late... so that we will never have to experience first hand the extraordinarily high moral and monetary cost of “free.”

Jesse Broadt, Myrtle Beach Political Buzz 

"This is a brilliant presentation, by a Christian filmmaker who has perfected his craft. The content is superb and the presentation is even better..."

Reformed Perspectives Magazine (Website)

"Through cheeky, witty filmmaking, Colin Gunn turns a dry topic into one that delightfully draws viewers into its depths. +4 and 4 Stars"

MovieGuide.org (Full Review)

"If you are at all concerned about the healthcare crisis in this country, this documentary is an invaluable resource pointing to a variety of creative, practical, and somewhat surprising modern solutions."


"Every person in America needs to see this movie ...as Colin points out in the movie, governments have always been notoriously bad at running businesses. The reason health care is expensive in America is NOT a mystery nor is it confusing. Watching this movie will help bring some clarity."


"Offers great perspective on the current trajectory of medicine in the United States and other Western societies. Also, details current efforts to counter this attack on capitalism and freedom."

Rowland Burns