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"Wait...It IS FREE!"

Friends - ‘Wait Till It’s Free’ is more than ‘just’ an entertaining documentary. Screening this feature-length documentary film is a unique opportunity to share the hard-hitting facts everyone in your community wants to hear. Families deserve to know how American health-care impacts their future! 

At Gunn Productions we are not that keen on licenses and would rather not inhibit you, our generous supporters, from showing the film at your own event. Our goal with this is to encourage a grassroots, word-of-mouth movement that starts with your family, your friends, and most importantly, you.

Let me encourage you to follow 3 simple steps to get out the word out about the future of American health care:


You can screen “Wait Till It’s Free” at your home, office, church, or local theater. Be creative, have fun, and remember it’s easiest to attract today’s fast-paced generation by screening a film. If you show a movie, they will come! 

If your group or business advocates healthcare liberties, use “Wait Till It’s Free” to go beyond the slideshow presentation and share your vision in a dynamic format. You can even use the event as a fundraiser or as a way for your organization to each out to a new audience.


Public showings of the film are free to all, but to invest in the future, consider purchasing at least a 10-pack of DVDs of our discounted bundles to give away or sell at the event. Many viewers at your event will want their own copy of the film to share with friends and family the crucial thoughts and facts about healthcare liberty they are dying to put into words.


Colin Gunn, an award-winning film director and frequent public speaker, can elevate your event from a screening to an exclusive premiere hosted live. Few events can personally connect to an audience better than one hosted by the film’s director himself! Contact Colin Gunn to arrange a screening which he will personally host, communicating through a presentation and connecting through a meet-and-greet!

Colin also has several seminars prepared on the subjects of his movies (public schooling and healthcare) along with a presentation on the subject of documentary film-making.